About Me
My name is Dániel Bacsur, and I'm a 18-year-old student and over the years, I worked on numerous projects. In December 2020, I won my first robotics competition, where I had to program an Arduino-based car that autonomously navigated using various sensors.

In the summer of 2021, the RoboCup World Championship took place, attracting teams from all over the world. Our team - DDStudio - represented Hungary in the OnStage category. The goal of the OnStage category was to present a complex 2-minute stage performance using robots we designed and built. We created a robot band with an automated piano robot, a drum robot, and accompanied them with a separate piano and an electric guitar. We achieved first place in the Hungarian round held in the spring, earning us a spot in the world championship. The international competition took place online, where we had to solve complex additional tasks for extra points. In the end, with a unanimous decision from the jury, we won the "Best Hardware" world championship title for the OnStage category, representing our country.

In 2022, I continued to work on my school student company and smaller side projects. Towards the end of the year, with one of my classmates I submitted an application for the National Informatics and Innovation Olympics. For the competition, we developed a credit card-sized computer designed to prevent a significant portion of data thefts and aid cybersecurity engineers in their work. The device can verify, based on the presence of nearby networks, whether the user is authorized to access the contents of the built-in drive, thus preventing unauthorized access. After six months of development, we achieved second place in the OTIO national competition.

Currently, I am focused on launching my business and exploring new innovation opportunities.
Artificial intelligence & Algorithm programmingProduct & Web DesignElectronic design & Implementation3D printing & Manufacturing
Hardware and software supporters
I have been lucky enough to work with many companies. Me and my teams are supported by Google Cloud, Github, Altium Designer, Pixy Cam and others..
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Here are some of my recent works / projects. Some I work on alone, others with friends or colleagues. Feel free to filter and read them.
RoboCup JuniorWinner of the 2021 RoboCup Junior World Championship
GrowThe Hidrofarm's little brother, a smart plant monitoring system
HidrofarmA smart hydroponic system for more sustainable farming
KaspokWe successfully launched a our first eccomerce store
OTIOII. Place in the National Science and Innovation Olympiad
BravoA small sugar rocket with a built-in parachute
JunctionOur first 72-hour hackathon, and yeah.. we won!
Social Impact AwardsWe've built a smart solar panel system. We won the 1st place!
MAFITUDTo be a member of the Society of Hungarian Young Scientists
Would you like to get in touch?
Send me an e-mail over at .